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Spiritual Sexual Wisdom is about the art of experiencing the pleasure and power of being alive.The intent is to go beyond the status quo structures about women, sex and spirituality.

This is the first in a series. Each session is dedicated to one of the five elements of creation.
What is your connection to each element? What and creative expression of each element?

Spiritual Sexuality affirms Life. Spiritual Sexual Wisdom ignites your vision and passion.
What are you passionate about birthing into the Collective?

The first experience is devoted to the element of Earth and the Physical.
The focus will be enhancing your sexual wellbeing and appreciation of your beauty as a woman. The Feminine is always enticing and she is the thrilling essence of Beauty.

Within the center of your matrix, is the physical. It is dreamed into recognition here to be seen, and felt, as the holy temple that it is. Your body is an orgasmic ocean — as spacious and infinite as the spaces between the stars and galaxies. As a single atom contains all the secrets of matter, the body contains all the secrets of the Universe. Becoming deeply acquainted with your body wisdom opens you to the natural expression of your beauty.

The same Divine force that sustains, the planets, the stars and the oceans is within you.
You are a perfect expression of that power.

Mukee Okan will share women's teachings and practices.
All practices are designed to enhance your sensitivity to your most subtle energy,
developing your awareness with relaxation.

You will have the opportunity to —
* learn how to increase and intensify prana shakti — your storehouse of prana,
the life-force energy — pulsating and feeding every cell and atom of your being.

* experience the healing power of a body painting followed by a purification lodge.

* share the power of a gathering together circle of women.

Contact us to request a program in your community. mukeeo@me.com

Mukee Okan


the vagina diaries

a 30 minute documentary

Nat Harris investigates what drives women to put the most intimate part of their bodies under the knife. Produced by Unicorn Films in association with ABC Television Australia.

the pussy talks

intimate anatomy for women
As seen on the ABC 2 documentary, The Vagina Diaries

Education is the first step to more fulfilling experiences in sexual intimacy. Transform old stories and create new possibilities to enjoy the greatest intimate pleasure possible in your life. With Mukee Okan.

* A 2 hour educational class about woman's sexual anatomy.

Do you long for a more satisfying sex life? Does your libido need a boost? Are you hungry to learn?

You will learn —
* what makes all the difference in a women's intimate life
* the full landscape of your sexual anatomy
* the importance of relaxation for orgasm
* how orgasm is for your health and well-being

Contact us to request an educational evening for your group. mukeeo@me.com


intimate anatomy for women

Learn more, energize, align and empower your natural body cycles and rhythms as a woman. As a single atom contains all the secrets of matter, the body contains all the secrets and wisdom of the Universe. Be deeply acquainted with your natural feminine body wisdom in this relaxed program of experiences and practical women’s teachings. The Feminine is the portal for peace on earth.

The program includes — • Simple practices to increase your access to prana shakti - the life force stored in the first chakra, including guided meditation and deep relaxation.

• Easy pranayama to to release deep inner tension and balance and harmonize the nervous system and hormonal secretions. The hormonal secretions, the most powerful chemistry within the body, rule our experiences as women.

• Experience how relaxation is the portal to your most subtle and refined natural life-force energy.

All women welcome • Wear relaxed clothing. Bring a pillow and blanket and your girlfriends. MP3 audio recordings of the practices are available for purchase at the event. 

Contact us to request a program in your community. mukeeo@me.com