In Summary:
in this program you will learn —

* how to last longer in bed
* how to stop premature ejaculation
* how to control your anxiety and stop worrying
* how to increase your sensations
* how to feel MORE
* how be in TOTAL control of your body
* how to experience greater levels of arousal
* how to increase the intensity of your orgasm
* how satisfy your partner more

friction & Beyond

The Seven Steps to enhance your sexual well-being:

1. Relax and Increase Your Body Awareness
2. Focus on Pleasure in Sex, rather than Sexual Performance
3. Increase Awareness of your Sexual Arousal
4. Extend your Sexual Arousal to Higher Levels
5. Master your Sexual Arousal Consistently at Higher Levels
6. Slow Down and become proficient at delaying ejaculation naturally
7. Become Accustomed to a Steady Level of Intense Arousal

1. Online program for Lasting Longer: how to last longer in bed naturally.
You will be guided in detail through Seven Steps. This great program is equivalent to about a yearlong personal program. You will experience great results. Practices are designed to do Solo. After Solo practices, then there is guided partner practices. Delivered immediately to your computer.

The eBook, The Truth about Premature Ejaculation and 7 Easy Ways to Overcome It and Enjoy a Great Sex Life, discusses premature ejaculation — why does it happen and how to transform your experience. Relevant to everyone, not just people looking for information on how to stop premature ejaculation, the ebook is crucial education to improve and understand your performance in bed.

The Audio Files contain the vital exercises designed to be practiced alone and then taking these principles into interactions with a partner. This is the training that will help you master your sexuality. Enjoy Mukee Okan’s voice as she guides you step-by-step through seven audio exercises to complement the ebook program. You will be guided carefully through the Seven Steps to enhance your sexual well-being.

The Video Tutorials are short and designed to complement the program. You will learn more about sexual energy, relaxation techniques, male physiology as it relates to sex and the importance of breathing.

This is your crash course in sex and male sexual literacy, which is the key to learning how to last longer in bed.

2. Lasting Longer Coaching Intensive

One of the most effective long term solutions is the individual coaching offered by Mukee Okan. Typically this takes place over two days. It can be for three days if you prefer. You will have two sessions during the day with a break in between. The options are to come to Phoenix where Mukee is currently based; schedule a program in Australia during; or another location by arrangement. Advance bookings are necessary for this program. You can attend as a single, or you can be coached with your partner.

Sexual health for men

enhancing performance

“Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.” Napoleon Hill

Today medical science has validated the many benefits of an active sex life. This includes improved circulation, strengthens heart and lungs, reduces stress and tension, boosts immune system, releases endorphins that generate feelings of well-being, higher testosterone levels, stabilizes cardiovascular fitness and neurotransmitter production is increased. Neurotransmitters carry messages between the brain and nervous system, helping your body work and feel better.

Every man, no matter what his age is, can increase his orgasmic capacity with continuous exploration and education. The key is going beyond the tension and friction approach for sensation.

As you travel through life and become more conscious — more aware as a human being — the role of sex energy, your life-force energy becomes increasingly important. As you evolve as a man, you may begin to realize that there must be more to sex than your current experience.
Many cultures all over the world, throughout history recognize that sex energy is your essence. How can you connect more deeply to yourself and to your partner? And how do you harness that infinite source of energy within you to make the world a better place? How do you become a more mature man and give your greatest gifts to the world?

The simple answer is by relaxing into sex and accepting the nature of sex as your driving force in life. Men are the manifestation of the eternal and divine on earth. You are the perfect archetype of the Divine Design present in all things.

Mukee Okan